About Lee Bender

After thirty years in the real estate business, Lee loves working with her past clients, their referrals and first-time buyers alike. She is a genuine extrovert, who gains energy from being around other people. Lee is proud to call herself a professional salesperson because as she says, "I'm good at it!" She is delighted to have a solid support staff at Hill & Co., one of the few remaining privately-owned firms in San Francisco.

Prior to this career, Lee was a tenured associate professor of psychology at the University of San Francisco for twelve years, specializing in Psychology of Learning and Motivation. Although she earned top student evaluations, and was promoted to within one rank of full professor, Lee recognized she could not be happy over the long-term in a salaried job, and that she needed a much faster and more stimulating career - which became real estate sales. Growing up the eldest of six children (five younger brothers!) in Mobile, Alabama, Lee and her siblings enjoyed considerable freedom living in the area know as Riviere du Chien (Dog River), running small watercraft with friends and family, waterskiing and generally running amok.

In recent years Lee has become a widow, a fervent dog "owner" and the proud aunt of 13 nieces and nephews. She lives in SF's Noe Valley and works all over the City, as well as the North Peninsula of San Mateo County. She swims in the Bay and reads mysteries voraciously!

Below: A fun little chart that playfully illustrates some of the emotions that buyers and sellers feel during a transaction.

BRE# 644922