Testimonials for Lee Bender

"In March 2016 I suffered a great personal loss, trying to deal with the emotions of my loss and selling my family home. I don't think I can adequately describe the professionalism, caring and knowledge that Lee brought with her to make this process run smoothly. I had never purchased or sold a house before and Lee was right there guiding me every step of the way. She put together a very impressive, strategically tailored marketing program and priced the property absolutely right. All along the way, she was unfailingly responsive and there for me at every inspection and negotiation, keeping the process on track and stress-free for me. Lee is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone looking for the very best real estate agent anyone could find."  
Joan Crivello

"Lee Bender of Hill & Company when you need most professional and knowledgable realtor in San Francisco, northern Peninsula. Knows her market, represents her clients way behind expectations, and gets the best results. Thanks Lee, for successfully representing me in selling my condo. Wouldn't have survived the process without your expertise and patience."

Lee Mazmanian

"Lee Bender is a consummate professional and always goes the extra mile to understand the needs and desires of her clients. Her demeanor is very calming and she is adept in navigating all areas of the sales cycle. In a word, she is the best."
Bill Buckley

"Lee Bender has successfully helped my family to buy two homes and both times, we bought the first properties she showed us.  I believe this was a reflection of her ability to listen and work with us on the front end in figuring out our needs and how they could be fulfilled in the San Francisco housing market.  Both homes included rental situations; one an adjacent rental unit and the other a large private suite rentable to a roommate. Both these business opportunities have created income for us, making the high San Francisco real estate prices quite affordable. Thank you Lee for your help and your expertise in matching us with our beautiful San Francisco homes."
Pier Bacigalupa

"I met Lee (and her partner, Debra) at an open house two years ago when I was just beginning to look to buy a place in San Francisco. Shortly after I decided to use them as my agents. Lee was particularly great at steering me towards quality homes ("it's gotta have good bones, Todd"). And Lee and Debra are great compliments to each. At least one was always available for tours, and at closing they both were there every step of the way. I closed last spring on a Noe Valley condo, and it's turned out to be an ideal place for my lifestyle. Highly recommend Lee (and Debra)."
Todd Holloway

"Lee worked hard and smart to sell my house in Noe Valley of SF. Her preparation was impeccable and detailed, and her pricing smart. After only one, two-hour open house, I received 11 offers. We countered with 5 counteroffers, of which 3 countered. The house sold for nearly 50% over the asking price. We expected to sell it for more than asking, but thought that it would be in the range of 20-25% more. Top notch."
Paul Cox

"I worked with Lee for my first home purchase in December 2011. Lee helped guide me through the maze of decisions and always acted in my best interests. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and got good value for money. I plan to return to Lee when I'm ready to sell and trade up."
Bill Stranton

"Lee is an amazing agent. She has worked with me on several occasions, one of them being the short sale of my house. In the process I learned that a short sale is not an easy process. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and helpful throughout the process. She worked very hard and diligently to get it taken care of and finalized. She has also helped me find tenants for rental property and the most recent, the purchase of a condo. Besides knowing the business, she has a great personality and she is so much fun to work with. Lee is definitely a person who cares for all of her clients. She makes sure that all of her clients are happy and makes sure to keep in touch with them even after working with them. Thanks Lee for all your hard work!"
Ivana Iacolino

"Lee - Thanks so much for your many kindnesses and great skill in our recent purchase. It literally would not have happened if you had not been involved."
Owen Smith

"Sincerely interested in doing her job for you. Extremely conscientious, caring, personable and professional. Aggressive, but not pushy. Honest. I would highly recommend Lee as a broker and would definitely like to do future business with Lee."
Jennifer C Jacobs

"Lee was helpful and responsive during my condo purchase. When there was an issue that was not getting addressed by the sales staff, she jumped in and made got them to handle it. She was always able to answer my questions and hand-hold when necessary."
Jessica Levant

“She is a professional. This was the best job of selling and relationship with a realtor we have ever had. The real estate business needs more Lee Bender!”
Adolph J Barbosa

"I rarely find a reason to give anyone a full sortie of five stars, but Lee Bender is absolutely worth every single one. Reeling from a bad experience with a different realtor, my fiancé and I approached Lee cautiously, going on a referral from a friend of ours. We were immediately put at easy by her efficiency, expansive knowledge of the real estate process (down to subtle details as the psychology behind buying and selling), and her casual down-homey Southern charm. Lee was our guide, our counselor, and our friend throughout the often-scary process of buying a home in San Francisco. She went to bat for us when we told her we wanted something, and wherever we went to look at houses, the selling agents almost always knew her! She has been working the scene for a long time, and has made a great impression on other agents, it seems. You will definitely feel 'celebrity status' when you are touring homes with her. She is also very clearly in the process for her clients, and not in the process for herself. I never felt for a moment that she wasn't after our best interests, even to the point where she gave us very frank advice about a hasty decision we were threatening to make. This lady is fierce and fabulous, and she even has an adorable little dog named Talulah who is her constant companion. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime, anywhere."
Rylan Vick

"I am writing on behalf of Dr. Lee Bender, who represented my family in the sale of my father’s home in May of this year. I have offered to say a few good words about Ms. Bender because I think she did an excellent job for us, and I like to extend credit where it is due. Although I had known the real estate market was strong, the price and terms we obtained for Dad’s home were truly exceptional about 25% above the asking price suggested by Lee, and 17 total offers. It was apparent that she worked very hard on our behalf, but the results were above and beyond mere effort, in my assessment. She is committed to achieving the “top dollar” for her clients. In addition, it is worth noting that Lee represented the buyer in our transaction as well as ourselves (the sellers), and yet there was never a moment when I doubted her loyalty to me and my family. She is a person of integrity, and one who cares about her clients. Thanking you for your attention this letter, I am,…"

Wm. E. Willoughby

"She is a professional. This was the best job of selling and relationship with a realtor we have ever had. The real estate business needs more Lee Benders!"
Adolph J Barbosa

"We found Lee to be a thorough and consummate professional in all matters pertaining to the sale of the house. Ours was a complicated sale in some ways too complicated to detail here, and she handled the extra details with considerate skill and without complaint. My mother, the original owner of the house, also dealt with Lee for a number of years because of their mutual active involvement in the community, and my mother never had anything but positive things to say about Lee. I should also note that we were able to obtain 97.7% of our original asking price in a depressed market, when many homes in the immediate neighborhood remained on the market for months. We closed escrow two months after the house went on the market!"

Janet Larnach Bray

"We feel lucky to have ended up with you as our broker for the purchase of our new house. While we connected by chance, we were very pleased with your dedication to our quest to find the perfect home. We were impressed with your knowledge of the market and experience. If you did not have the answer to a particular question, you seemed to have an extensive network upon which to rely. What struck me most is your integrity and honesty in the whole process. You have a wonderful sense of what is fair, just and right. I cannot imagine a better advocate for a buyer and appreciate all the work you did for us."

Evelyn Armstrong Marks

"Lee Bender helped my husband (at the time) and me sell our family home. Throughout the process, she was warm and professional to both of us, making an extremely awkward situation more bearable. She offered creative marketing ideas and followed through in a timely way on all the details. When I was ready to purchase a condo, I again used Lee. With her help, I was able to get just what I wanted despite a very hot sellers market. Her recommendations – on price, inspections and condo legal issues- were clear and useful. I highly recommend Lee to potential buyers and sellers in San Francisco!"
Ann Gomes

"Lee has been personable, trustworthy. She is succinct yet diplomatic. Lee came with good sense and experience…She saved the day! I continue to thank my lucky stars that I was able to sell, and I owe so much to you and Rob for your efforts. You made a veritable “sows ear” into a “purse”! I will certainly recommend you guys to anyone I know wanting to buy or sell."


"Lee was fabulous and I can’t think of anyway she could better serve her clients."
Camille Care Howland

"It is my pleasure to recommend Lee Bender to represent you for your real estate transactions. Lee Bender is very personable with her clients and accurate in the estimation of the real estate market. Her years of experience and honesty would guide you in the most appropriate direction you desire. She is very open with her communication style and can guide you through ever transaction in the most ethical and efficient manner. I have been represented by Lee Bender as a buyer and as a seller. I’ve been very grateful for her expertise with each process. I was able to achieve an efficient and smooth transition with both encounters. She will guide you in the most competent and legal manner possible to achieve your goals. Lee Bender has a large following in the San Francisco Bay Area and she represents San Francisco’s rich traditions and creativity our city has to offer."

Catherine Tom

"I would say she is extremely knowledgeable, very energetic in getting the job done, keeps in close touch with client and is very honest. I would give her the highest recommendation."
Rev Charles Dullea SJ

"Congratulations!!! We did it!! What a wonderful person you are. I knew before, but I felt that I know you much more now. Thank you so much for your hard work. I am looking forward to our next transaction soon."
Connie Jouganatos

"Absolutely the best real estate broker you could ask for. Lee is incredible attentive and makes you feel like you are her only client. She is persistent in solving problems and moves things along quickly. Lee is lively, fun, and easily becomes a member of your family. She is sensitive to individual styles, needs, etc. She is warm and generous. We love her very much!"
Marilyn Buzolich & Bruce Lind

"Anyone who deals with Lee Bender will have the best service, with the most integrity and patience I have ever encountered…The most honest, sincere real estate broker you could find."
Patricia M Dykhuizen

"Lee is kind and is there for you when you need her. She will go all the way and then some for you. 'She is right on it.'"
Connie Jouganatos

"You lived up to all those rave reviews- much thanks for everything-"
David Marshall & Dave Keeler

"We consider Lee Bender tops in her business. We appreciate Lee’s warm, caring way…and felt her advice to us was honest and sincere at all times."
Dorothy M. Travis

"I guess I should have put this in writing a long time ago. Your assistance in selling the house on Kensington was invaluable. Your expertise in exactly how the best possible price was obviously of extreme importance. Even more important to me, however, was the way you took such a personal interest in seeing that everything went well and that meant that I could relax and not worry about the details. I can not imagine another person I would consider for a realtor if I were to have another property for sale, you are the best!!!"
Dr. Rick Davis

"I have known Lee Bender for approximately 15 years…On occasion, Ms. Bender has acted for trustees and executors represented by this firm, where her service not only satisfied her client, but the court as well…In all such occasions, Ms. Bender saw to it that her client’s interest was the one that prevailed. I know Dr. Bender to be a person of great industry, competency and integrity."
Fred G. Meis, Meis & Waite

"One does not use easily an expression such as ‘the best.’ It is inherent to human nature to constantly doubt. I am no exception here. Selling a place generates a lot of insecure feelings. I must say and I say it aloud, that having met Lee Bender and seeing her at work, had swept away all my doubts. Her natural elegance, her discretion, her extremely good taste, her experience of  many years, her very important ‘address-book…red ‘connections,’ her tough business strategies, all nicely wrapped into the sweetness of a Southern Lady,…all this led me to believe that Lee Bender is the Best in her business. Her approach, at first, is moderate, but then she goes a long way and my place sold for so much  more money than I had expected…even in my wildest dreams…that I feel very lucky and honored to have been looked after so well by Lee Bender, the Best."
Matthias Vogt

"Highly recommended, very thorough, considerate and helpful through the entire transaction…I know I can depend on her. Lee is honest and trustworthy, not only a good realtor but an exceptional person.
Naomi E. Aro

"Lee- in my opinion- is an asset to your company and I will certainly recommend her to any of my friends or relatives who are thinking of buying or selling real estate in San Francisco."
Pat Astrue

"I have just recently observed a transaction (friends) that was the exact opposite of mine. No representation, No disclosure, No advocacy- and it refreshed my already high opinion of how professional Lee Bender is and what a service she provides. Lee Bender closes deals and in the end isn’t that that the point?"
Roseanna Hughes

"A true businesswoman who works 16+ hours a day."
John Loessner

"Lee Bender has a rare combination of business expertise and integrity. Her attention to detail is second to none. She made every effort to expedite my escrow. I think her personal commitment to excellence is all too uncommon in today’s world."
Harry M. Payne

"I have recommended her to other friends and said that she was very good at what she did and very reliable. Their experience with her was the same as mine and I would recommend her again. Lee is a very devoted and sensitive real estate agent."
Alan Moss, Attorney-at-Law

"She was very much aware of our limits since we are the first time buyer. She came through for us. We are very pleased with our purchase. We simply love the house. Lee, many thanks. We will certainly deal with you in the future."
Joel & Sarah Brotman

"Lee Bender is an outstanding person and agent…one who knows her business and is always there to serve her client. I can’t imagine buying my condo without Lee as my agent. Four stars to Lee Bender."
John Iglesias

"Lee is honest, concerned about her clients, hard-working, dependable and really knows her work. What I appreciated most about her was her integrity.
Helena Davis

We wanted to sell the house-she wanted to sell the house. Compromises had to be made and she made it happen. Lee is very tenacious."
Elin Klaseen

"Lee’s receptiveness to my needs was excellent."
Elizabeth Hopper

"Lee is enthusiastic, hard-working, honest and well-connected. Not only did she work hard on our behalf, but she also kept in touch and always madder herself available and easy to reach day and night, weekdays and weekends."
Shelley Evans

"Sincerely interested in doing her job for you. Extremely conscientious, caring, personable and professional. Aggressive, but not pushy. Honest. I would highly recommend Lee as a broker and would definitely like to do future business with Lee."
Jennifer C Jacobs

"She will have your house sold within days."
Marjone McGaskey

"Lee Bender negotiates well and answered all of our questions…she does her work to the utmost."
Patel Family

"You can trust her…If I had to sell my home, I’d get Lee again."
Frank Mantia

"She is reliable, considerate, gives good advice and does her best to satisfy the needs of her client."
Henry Kent

"At 129 and 131
Castro Street, ain’t we got fun
Corky Sue and her two buddies
will teach a class in House Hog Studies
will enhance the whole darn place with elegance, aplumb, and grace.
Waxy floors and shiny chrome
will welcome us to HOME, SWEET HOME.
We will dance and we’ll cavort,
For hugging houses is our forte.

"Lee, I love you and the case of wine was another monumental gift. Thank you so much."

Janny McSnarg & Evie Turner

"Thank you so much for all your help. We are so happy and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for your friendship, it means so much to us."

Joe & Mary Ann, Baby Matthew Genealnes

"Lee was very receptive to my needs as a principal to my transaction and I would recommend her to someone considering her as a broker."
Karl & Kim Ekstrom

"Just wanted to thank you, Lee, and to let you know how much your graciousness is appreciated. You smooth transitions so beautifully!"
Lani & Ted Langlais

"Knowledgeable…Lee dealt with myself and five members of my family in a responsible manner…very positive."
Marge Zepponi

"An honest deal-maker with integrity. She takes care of details and gets things done."
Ram & Christine Thadani

"One could not find a more concerned, honest, straightforward and knowledgeable individual regarding real estate transactions…I had the feeling she cared for my desires. Every aspect of the sale procedure was handled professionally and punctually. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Richard F Baker

"Very knowledgeable, responsive, prompt follow through. Uses a talented assistant to facilitate processes. Enthusiastic. Easy to talk to, friendly. Set realistic expectations."
Ron & Judy Hass

"A very honest person…I would definitely ask Lee Bender to sell any property I might have!"
Ronald Schmidli

"My new house is being delivered as I write this. I’ve got a lot of work to do to make it presentable by Christmas. If you’re up this way, drop by. I hope you had a successful year Lee. You did a great job for us."

"Thank you for your help in selling my house. The entire process went so smoothly and quickly. Have a great summer."

"Thanks for all your efforts- whew! We’re done! The Stevenot Family was close to my folks back in the 50s when I was a kid and we first moved into 21st Street. We used to visit at their family home in Angels Camp. Their son, Berdon Stevenot, who is about 10 years older than I, stared his own winery I’d guess about 20 years ago- turned out to be good stuff!
My mother and her brother used to go visit in Angels Camp- went up last summer just before she died- and brought home some of her favorite wine. Enclosed is a bottle from that last visit for you to enjoy in her memory. Thanks for everything."


"…shows she cares for her client…gives good advice."
Victoria Amanda Aleman

"My husband and I would recommend Lee. Lee was helpful and honest.
Mr. & Mrs. William Sheridan

"She’s there when you need her. She responds to messages as soon as she can…she calls to keep in touch during the process of a deal and goes out of her way to help clients…I did very well with her."
Adele Urbiztondo

"A happy experience."
Aldo Cima

"I could not have gotten a better price for my house if she had not helped me…honest and helpful."
Agnes Westmoreland

"Words are not enough to thank you for all you’ve done.
Your friend and grateful client..."

"Thank you very much for all your patience and kindness during the house buying process. You were very sweet and we really appreciated all your work."
Erin & Colleen

"I thank you and Lee. Wonderful work in selling our home for Mary & me."

"Lee sold my house at a good price and in less than two weeks…very good at her job!"
Izabell Dikran